About Our Location

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First we are inside a Bakery. How great is that? We think it’s pretty great, as they say; it’s hard to be sad when you have a cupcake in your hand!

The Black Diamond Bakery was built in 1902 when the town was owned by the mining company. In fact most of the town was owned by the mining company until the 1940’s. That’s when people and business were able to purchase the land on which their homes and businesses were built upon. The Bakery is one of the only businesses that started off as a Bakery and has remained a Bakery throughout its life. Having a handful of owners all with the same common goal, make people happy with homemade goodness.

The City of Black Diamond has gone through some interesting changes with more changes to come. One of my favorite stories is about a little sub-section of Black Diamond called Morganville. There isn’t much left of Morganville but its history is inspiring.

In 1921 the Pacific Coast Coal Company wanted to reduce the wage of the coal miners to $5.89 daily, from the agreed upon $8.25 daily wage. The Miners refused to accept the pay cut and the Company locked them out of the mines. This strike was happening throughout the United States at the time.

A few months later about 200 Miners and their families were notified that they could no longer rent the property on which their homes were built. A local man who had purchased land on his own, Timothy Morgan, offered the Miners about 16 acres of land for $2,500. The Union helped purchase the land; the Miners build their own town, naming it Morganville after Timothy Morgan. Neighboring cities solicited aid for the striking Miners providing such items as potatoes, apples, flour, soap, coffee, pumpkins and pork & beans.

It’s rumored that Pacific Coast Coal offered Timothy $30,000 for same 16 acres of land, trying to block the sale. Timothy refused the offer.

North of the Bakery and within walking distance along Railroad Ave is the Black Diamond Museum, a great place to visit. The volunteers there are full of stories and fun history lessons. They also have a blog and website: http://blackdiamondhistory.wordpress.com/tag/black-diamond-historical-society/ http://blackdiamondmuseum.org/